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Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG | Rasta | Small

Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG | Rasta | Small

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Fact: at the ripe age of only 14, one of the two Zang Products co-founders had already grown a solid set of dreads! So it was always obvious to us that we'd aim to spread the good vibes that come along with the Rasta style and develop the Wake n' Bake Rasta PIPEMUG. And here it is in all its irie glory, proudly displaying the red, yellow and green colors of the rastafari movement. And we're so happy we created the Rasta PIPEMUG, because with every morning being fairly similar, it just makes sense; wake up, turn on some Bob Marley, start making coffee, pack the pipemug's bowl while you wait, once its finished pour the coffee into the pipemug and walk outside with it to sit amongst the house plants, and then, to the beautiful melodies of Bob, commence the wake and bake with a rip and a sip! And with a routine like that, we're so happy that we can finally complete the vibe with the Rasta Wake and Bake PIPEMUG. So if you too like to...rise up in the mornin', and smile with the risin' sun....and then have a smoke cup of coffee, then I go...well then this is the pipe mug for you! Grab one for yourself, one for your mother, your father, one for your favorite sibling, one for your least favorite sibling, one for your friend, one for your friends’ friend, one for your crush, and one for your boss (or maybe hold off on that last one 😉). The point is, the Wake n’ Bake RASTA PIPEMUG by ZANG PRODUCTS is the best way to start your day! Buy yours today and get ready to …… RIP IT AND SIP IT !!!!! Currently comes in SMALL only.

Rasta Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG Specs:

  • 100% High Quality Ceramic
  • 4 in. tall. Holds 10 oz.
  • Hot Coat Of Color Glaze
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Made In The USA

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