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Wake n Bake PIPEMUG | Good Vibes | Small

Wake n Bake PIPEMUG | Good Vibes | Small

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We all know there's no better way to start your day than starting it with your wake and bake routine. It puts us in the right mood and gets us ready for the day. It puts Good Vibes! Enter the "Good Vibes" PIPEMUG by Zang!  This pipemug embodies an ergonomic classic shape, beautiful aesthetics, a breathing hole, and a conduit-to-chamber bowl. It’s handcrafted with high quality natural ceramic materials and is microwave and dishwasher safe.  Its a morning mug, so naturally it comes in SMALL only, and stands at about 4 inches high and holds about 10 fluid ounces. It's easy to hold, easy to use, easy to store, easier to travel with, and easy to clean. So hurry up and grab one for you and a few more for everyone else that will be joining you for all those wake and bake sessions; maybe the roommates, or maybe just a few for all the family and friends that will be joining you on the weekends. The point is, using the Good Vibes PIPEMUGs by ZANG is the best way to start your day! Buy yours today and get ready to …… RIP IT AND SIP IT !!!!! Colors vary from time to time.

SMALL Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG Specs:

  • Phrase: "Good Vibes!"
  • 100% High Quality Ceramic
  • 4 in. tall. Holds 10 oz.
  • Hot Coat Of Color Glaze
  • Microwave/Dishwasher Safe
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Handcrafted In The USA

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