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Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG | Small

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The Original Wake n’ Bake PIPEMUG is huge and was intended to encompass all beverage choices and some food dishes, allowing it to double as a beer stein, an ice cream bowl, or any other dish for a massive drink or meal. BUT, bigger is NOT always better, and sometimes all we want is a small cup of coffee or tea; ya know, Keurig size. And that’s why we’ve created the Small Wake and Bake PIPEMUG. The Small Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG is the younger sibling of the Original Wake n’ Bake PIPEMUG. And its got everything you could ever want it a mug with a pipe in it, it’s just a little smaller. It still embodies an ergonomic classic shape, beautiful aesthetics, a breathing hole, and a conduit-to-chamber bowl. It’s still made with high quality organic ceramic materials and is microwave and dishwasher safe. And it is still the best way to start your day! The only difference is the size. The Small Wake and Bake PIPEMUG stands at only 4 inches high as opposed to its 5 ½ inch tall older sibling, it weighs about a pound to a half pound less, and it holds 10 fluid ounces instead of 16 fluid ounces. So, if you’re looking for a Wake n’ Bake PIPEMUG that’s a little easier to hold, a little easier to store, a little easier to travel with, or just a little more cute, the SMALL WAKE N’ BAKE PIPEMUG is for you! Grab one for you, one for your mom, one for your dad, one for your favorite sibling, one for your least favorite sibling, one for your friend, one for your friends’ friend, one for your crush, and one for your boss (or maybe hold off on that last one 😉). The point is, the Wake n’ Bake PIPEMUGs by ZANG PRODUCTS come in sizes for everyone! Buy yours today and get ready to …… RIP IT AND SIP IT !!!!!

SMALL Wake n' Bake PIPEMUG Specs:

  • 100% High Quality Ceramic
  • 4 in. tall. Holds 10 oz.
  • Hot Coat Of Color Glaze
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Made In The USA

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