Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays from ZANG! Christmas Shipping GUARANTEED on all PIPEMUGs ordered on or before Dec. 19th!

*Offer valid for DOMESTIC orders only.

*International orders are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

Happy Holidays !


We are giving away a 2 Premium PIPEMUG Packages to two lucky PIPEMUG lovers.

2 contestants will win a package that includes:

  • 1 PIPEMUG Coaster
  • 1 Toker Poker
  • 1 PIPEMUG T-Shirt
  • 1 Hemp PIPEMUG Bag



Cali & Colorado PIPEMUGs

In honor of ZANG’s PIPEMUG operations currently taking place in both California and Colorado, among other things ;) , we’ve created our homage to both states with our brand new CA Flag and CO flag PIPEMUGs.

Come and get em friends!

Cali & Colorado PIPEMUGs
Happy Holidays ! PIPEMUG GIVEAWAY Cali & Colorado PIPEMUGs

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